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​About Slick's Fund 
The idea of Slick's Fund started in 1994 when Dr. Tracy Mc Farland met Slick the cat. The injured Slick came to Dr. Tracy's feline only cat hospital by a good samaritan. She found that Slick had been shot and a bullet severed his spine. Slick had no use of his lower body from the front legs back. He was a young-adult, strong, Siamese Cat that had beautiful blue eyes. She looked into his eyes and knew that there was no way he was ready to leave this world. She adopted him and he became the office mascot as a special needs cat.
In 2003, Dr. Tracy started to collect donations to help other cats in Slick's honor. Now don't worry about Slick, he lived a full healthy life and taught many cats about how to behave at the Vets office. Now being that he was paralyzed, you would often see him in his wheelchair scooting about. He was even featured on the local news TV channel. Most of the time he would just drag his rear extremities around like it was no big deal. This of course made his front legs really strong. Some people often ask, "How did he go to the bathroom being paralyzed?" Well, Dr. Tracy or one of her veterinary professionals would have to help him several times a day because he was a good eater! Slick was a great companion, mascot, and mentor to other cats. Sadly Slick passed away due to kidney failure in 2005. 

In 2018, Dr. Tracy found out that she had cancer. Shortly after that she passed away joining Slick at the Rainbow Bridge. Many of Dr. Tracy's loving clients wanted to help her family, other kitties, and her hospital that she spent countless hours helping other cats in need. It was time for Slick's Fund to be a non-profit organization so we can help more cats in not only Slick's honor but now in Dr. Tracy's honor too!


All funds are used to help good samaritans or owners of Santa Clarita that are in financial crisis get the medical care that the cat needs. 

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Whenever you shop Amazon, be sure to use and select "Slick's Fund" as your charity. Thank you!

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